Cheat sheets for success

Post 28 - Cheat sheets for successWhen your 28-day period ends and you’re ready to start FCC Form 471, it could be helpful to have a “Quick Filing Guide” nearby.  There are several different kinds of entities who have to file the FCC Form 471, and we’ve developed guidance for each of these entities to help you navigate the intricacies of the form specific to your entity.

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Category Two budgets for non-instructional facilities (NIFs)

Post 26 - Category Two budgets for NIFs

Another big point of interest for E-rate applicants is how to account for non-instructional facilities (NIFs) in a Category Two budget.

Non-instructional facilities do not get their own Category Two budget because they are not a school or a library. But there are some cases where schools/libraries can cost allocate part of their budget to a NIF, if the NIF building is essential to deliver service to a school/library, for example, it houses a piece of equipment that is shared between schools/libraries.

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