Add a Category One FRN Line Item: Cost Calculation and Recipients of Service

Post 39 - Add a category one FRN line item: cost calc

After entering the line item’s bandwidth speed and connection information, enter the costs associated with the funding request (FRN) line item. The E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) will use your inputs to calculate the costs associated with the FRN line item.

Navigation reminder: To work on a partially completed form, begin on your EPC landing page and select the FCC Form 471 from your “Tasks” list. When the form opens, it will automatically jump to the last place you were working. From the “Funding Requests” page, select the blue FRN link to add line items. From the “FRN Line Items” page, click blue the FRN line item number link to edit or resume work on an already-entered line item or click the green “Add New FRN Line Item” button to add a new one.

There’s a video about adding Category One funding requests and line items on the E-rate Program website. Information about line items starts around the 4:30 mark.

Video: FCC Form 471: Funding Request: Category One (12:04)

Video preview

Cost calculation

In the cost calculation section, enter the monthly and one-time costs. Every field on this screen is required; if the field doesn’t apply to your request, enter “0.”

Cost Calculation

You can find details about the data you should enter for each field by pressing the “+” button to the right of the section, “More Help with the Costs Above,” which is located under the cost calculation table.

Monthly cost

Most services are charged to the school or library on a monthly basis. Enter the monthly costs in the left-hand column.

If you’re paying on an annual (or other) basis, split up the amount and enter the cost per month. If costs vary each month, enter the average monthly cost as the recurring cost.

  • Monthly recurring unit cost
    The total cost of the service for a single month per unit. If the cost of the service varies from month to month, use the cost of an average month.
  • Monthly recurring unit ineligible costs
    The total ineligible costs of the service per unit for a single month. Ineligible costs include email service, web hosting, and anything else not included on the 2016 Eligible Services List.
  • Monthly recurring unit eligible costs
    An estimate that the system will calculate based on your entries in the previous two fields. Monthly quantity
    The quantity (e.g., the number of lines, users, connections, circuits).

The next three fields, “Total monthly eligible recurring costs,” “months of service,” and the “Total eligible recurring costs” are calculated automatically based on your entries in the other fields.

Tip: Write down the number you enter as the “monthly quantity” in this section. For direct connections, in a few screens, the system will prompt you to allocate the number of lines to the recipients of service. The total number of lines needs to be the same as the “monthly quantity.”

One-time cost

Typical one-time costs include set-up and installation. Enter one-time costs in the right-hand column.

  • One-time unit cost
    The total one-time costs per unit of the service.
  • One-time ineligible unit cost
    The total ineligible costs of the service per unit. Ineligible costs include equipment that not included on the 2016 Eligible Services List, and installation charges for ineligible entities.
  • One-time eligible unit cost
    An estimate that the system will calculate based on your entries in the previous two fields.
  • One-time quantity
    Enter the quantity (e.g., number of installations, configurations). If all of your one-time costs are represented in the previous column, enter one (“1”) in this column.
  • Total eligible one-time costs
    An estimate that the system will calculate based on your other entries.

The “Summary” section, including the “Total eligible recurring costs,” “Total eligible one-time costs,” and “Pre-discount extended eligible line item cost” are calculated automatically based on your entries in the other fields.

Once you’ve entered your cost data, press “Save & Continue.”

Manage recipients of service

If you are applying as an independent school or library, you’ll see the buttons for the question “Is your school or library receiving the services in this FRN line item?” are greyed out and “Yes” is automatically selected. On this screen, you can simply press “Save & Continue.”

For applications that include several schools or libraries, you must select the “recipients of service,” that is, which entities in the group that you manage are using the service described on this line item. If every entity in the organization is receiving the service, select “Yes.”

Manage recipients of service button

If not, select “No,” then identify the entities that are receiving this service by selecting the checkbox next to their name. Then, press the green “Add” button. Then, scroll down to see the entities you selected listed in the “Selected Entities” section.

Select recipients of service

At the bottom of your screen, press “Save & Continue.”

If this is a request for data transmission or Internet access, you’ll see instructions prompting you to allocate the number of lines at the top of your screen. This means you need to indicate how many lines each entity is using. In the example below, the instructions prompt the user to allocate the 10 lines they entered.

Allocate lines to recipients of service

By default, the number of lines per entity will be “1.” To change how many lines each entity will receive, select the checkbox next to their name. Once you select a group of entities, the “Edit Number of Lines” button to the bottom-right of the list will be enabled. Select the “Edit Number of Lines” button to assign lines to each entity.

Tip: The total number of lines needs to match the “Monthly Quantity” that you entered in the “Cost Calculation” section.

Once you’re satisfied with the number of lines assigned to each entity, press “Save & Continue.”

FRN line item successfully added

After entering all the details and cost for the product or service, you’ll see a new line item appear for your funding request number (FRN).

Completed FRN line item

Your FRN line item number has a taxonomy that’s designed to make it easier to identify. The first two numbers (“16” in the example above) represent the funding year. The upcoming funding year (that you are applying for now) is FY2016 (July 2016 to June 2017). The numbers that follow it are your funding request number (FRN; 1699002972 in the example above). And the number after the decimal point is the line item number for that particular FRN (001 in the example above).

If you need to change or update the line item, click on the FRN line item number. To remove a line item, select the checkbox next to the line item number to activate the “Remove FRN Line Item” button, and then press “Remove FRN Line Item.”

If you need to add more line items for this funding request (FRN), select the green “Add FRN Line Item” button and repeat the process.

Next up in the blog, we’ll show you how to complete and certify your FCC Form 471.

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