Add a Category One Funding Request

Post 34 - Add a Category 1 Funding Request

After reviewing the entity information and discount calculation, you’ll arrive at the Funding Requests section of FCC Form 471. In this part of the form, you will report the details and costs of the eligible products and services for which you are requesting E-rate Program discounts. To add a funding request, start by pressing the green “Add FRN” button.

An FRN is the number used to identify a funding request for products and services. Background information about funding requests, FRNs, and FRN line items is available in Post #31: Start an FCC Form 471.

Funding request key information

The first step of adding a funding request is to give it a nickname. Pick a nickname that is specific, easy to remember, and pertinent to the item you are requesting funding for. For example, “2016 Voice and Internet Access” or “2016 Internet Funding.”

FRN key information

Select a nickname that is specific and easy to remember.

Continuation of an FRN

The first question is, “Is this funding request a continuation of an FRN from a previous funding year?” In other words, is this funding request part of a multi-year contract which started in a previous funding year?

If the funding request is not part of a multi-year contract which started in a previous funding year, click “No.”

If it is part of a multi-year contract which started in a previous funding year, click “Yes,” and then enter the FRN previously assigned to the specific products and services purchased under the multi-year contract. You can find this FRN by using your Funding Year (FY) 2015 FCC Form 471.

There are two ways to locate this number:

  • We recommend finding the number on your FY2015 application using your E-rate Program records (check your FCC Form 471, Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), or Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL)) or
  • Search Online:
    • Download FCC Form 471 information from FY2015 by selecting “2015” from the drop-down menu and selecting your state. Then click “Save.”
    • In the zip file that opens, use the spreadsheet titled “Basic Information and Certifications for FY2015” and filter the list by Billed Entity Number (BEN) or “BE name” to locate your FY2015 application number(s).
    • Take note of your FCC Form 471 application number, and then enter it into the View FY2015 471 Search Tool.
    • Your FRN is located in the third section, titled “Funding Requests”

Copy FRN

The “Copy FRN” feature allows you to copy an FRN you created on another FY2016 FCC Form 471 and then edit it as necessary.

To copy an FRN, click the “Copy FRN” button. Search for the FRN by entering the FCC Form 471 number or by entering the FRN in the fields provided. Then click, “Search.” Select an FRN from the search results by clicking the box to the left of the FRN, then click “Continue.”

A pop-up message will appear to notify you that copying FRN data may take up to a minute to complete. Click “Yes” to continue.

On the following screen, click the green “Refresh” button. You will receive a message when your FRN has been successfully copied. Click “Continue” to proceed.

FCC rules prohibit the funding of duplicate services, which means two funding requests cannot contain the same services delivered to the same locations for the same timeframe. Remember to edit this copied FRN before submitting your application.

Service type

This one should be pretty easy—simply select the type of service you are requesting funding for from the drop-down menu. You can choose between “Voice” and “Data Transmission and/or Internet Access.”

Then, click the “Continue” button to move to the next screen.

A webinar recording is available about this topic:

Webinar recording: Category One Funding Requests (53:20 minutes)

C1 Funding Requests Webinar

That’s it for now! Our next post will review your next step in adding an FRN to the FCC Form 471, purchasing agreements, including how to enter contracts.

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