Add a Category Two FRN Line Item: Product and Service Details

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Once you’ve successfully entered a funding request and generated a funding request number (FRN), add line items that describe the funding request in detail. Start by clicking on the blue FRN number to add a line item.

Add line item 1

Then, you’ll see a new chart where you can add funding request line items. Click on the green button, “Add New FRN Line Item,” to start a new line item.

Add line item 2

For more complex services, beginner applicants usually need help filling out the FRN line items. If you are not familiar with communications services and technologies (or, even if you are!), USAC recommends contacting your service provider for assistance in filling out this highly-detailed section of the form.

Bulk upload is available!

Large groups of applicants (like consortia, statewide applications, large school districts, and large library systems) can use “bulk upload” to add many line items at once. You can download the bulk upload templates from the FY2016 Filing Window Headquarters, then follow the Bulk Upload Line Item and Recipient of Service (ROS) Guide or the Bulk Upload Video Series to complete and upload the template.

For smaller applicants, you’ll probably find it easier to enter your data directly into the form.

Product and service details: internal connections

The next screen asks for the product and service details. If you chose “Internal Connections” as the service type, choose the type of internal connection from the drop-down menu and the “Type of Product” questions will appear.

Choose from these types of internal connections in the drop-down menu:

  • Cabling/connectors
    Includes: Cabling and connectors.
  • Caching
    Includes: Caching equipment and caching service.
  • Data distribution
    Includes: Router or switch.
  • Data protection
    Includes: Firewall services and components, UPS/battery backup.
  • Racks
    Includes: Racks and cabinets.
  • Software
    Includes: Operating system software of eligible equipment
  • Wireless data distribution
    Includes: Access point, antenna, LAN controller, and wireless controller.
  • Miscellaneous
    Installation, activation, initial configuration, training, fees, and taxes.

Once you select the type of internal connection and type of product, enter the product’s make and model. Try to find the manufacturer in the drop-down menu, but if you cannot find it, select “Other.”

For the question, “Installation included in price?” Select “Yes” if the service provider included installation in the price of the service. Select “No” if there is a separate charge for installation.

And for the question, “Is the hardware for this FRN line item leased?” Select “Yes” if you are leasing the hardware, that is, you’re paying a fee to use the hardware for a fixed period of time, but it is owned by the service provider.

Product and service details: basic maintenance of internal connections

If you selected “Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections” as the service type, for the field, “Total Quantity of Equipment Maintained,” enter the total quantity of all equipment covered by this cost.

Then, press the “Continue” button to move along to the cost calculation. At times, the system will abbreviate “Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections” to BMIC.

Product and service details: managed internal broadband services (MIBS)

If you selected “Managed Internal Broadband Services” as the service type, select the choice below that most accurately describes your managed service agreement.

  • Managed and leased from a third party service provider
    Select this option if the provider of this service is managing the equipment and leasing it to the applicant. The applicant does not own the equipment and the provider of this service is not the manufacturer or a reseller of the equipment.
  • Managed by a third party service provider, and purchased from them or other providers
    Select this option if the provider of this service is managing the equipment and the equipment is owned by the applicant. The provider of this service may have sold the equipment to the applicant, or the applicant may have purchased it separately from a different provider. In general, the applicant should choose this option if E-rate discounts are being requested in this funding year to purchase this equipment.
  • Managed services contract of already installed equipment
    Select this option if the equipment was previously installed at the applicant site, and the provider of this service manages the equipment for the applicant.

Next up, we’ll cover how to complete the cost calculation for your Category Two funding request (FRN) line item, and how to select the recipients of service.

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