Balance of your Category Two Budget

Post 45 - Balance of your category two budget

On the “Funding Requests” page, you can access information about your Category Two budget.

Link to view C2 budget information

By selecting the link, “View Category Two Budget Information,” your Category Two Budget Status screen will appear.

C2 budgets screen

The C2 Budget Amount shows the total Category Two budget for each school/library.

The Remaining Balance shows how much funding you have leftover to use during the 5-year period.

The Pending C2 Requested Amount shows how much funding you’ve requested that has not been committed yet.

If the pending amount is greater than the remaining balance, you will only be funded up to the remaining balance and will need to cover any excess costs yourself.

For more details about your budget, push the “Show Allocation Breakdown” button to the lower-left of the list.

How to calculate the balance of your C2 budget

If you started using your five-year budget last year in Funding Year 2015 (July 2015 to June 2016), looking up your budget requires a manual calculation.

After you view your FY2016 Category Two budget in EPC, subtract the amount you already spent over the last year to know how much of your budget is left in the five-year period.

To calculate your remaining Category Two (C2) budget for FY2016:

  1. Find your 5-year Category Two budget(s) based on FY2016 student counts (for schools) or square footage (for libraries)
    • You can find the budget(s) in the “C2 Budget Amount” column of the Category Two budget tool in EPC.
    • Budgets are calculated based on your EPC profile.
    • Schools’ Category Two budgets are $150 per student; library budgets are $2.30 per square foot (or $5 per square foot for urban libraries). See Post #23: Category Two Budgets and Post #24: Inputs to your C2 budget calculation to learn more.
  2. Find your school/library’s Category Two funding commitments from FY2015.
    • Look up the total amounts charged against your budget in 2015 in the Category Two Budget Tool on USAC’s website. Use the amount in the “Current Allocation” column.
  3. Subtract your FY2015 commitments from your FY2016 budget.
    • Subtract the FY2015 amount (from the “current allocation” column in the FY2015 budget tool”) from the FY2016 budget (in the “C2 budget amount” Colum in the EPC budget status tool) to find the balance of your 5-year Category Two budget.
    • Reminder: Category Two budgets are calculated in pre-discount costs, so the amount you subtract is the pre-discount cost of the allocated commitments from FY2015.

USAC is working on a way to display Category Two budget information for both FY2015 and FY2016 together in one location.

2015 C2 budget tool

FY2015 Category Two Budget Lookup Tool

About Category Two budgets

Category Two budgets are 5-year budgets calculated based on the number of students (for schools) or square footage (for libraries).

For more details about Category Two budgets, see Post #23: Category Two Budgets and Post #24, Post #25, and Post #26, or see a list of questions and answers in the SL News Brief from April 8.

Next, we’ll review how to finish up a Category Two FCC Form 471, complete certifications, and submit the form for review.

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