CIPA Compliance for E-rate

Post 60 - CIPA complianceOne of the certifications you make as part of FCC Form 486 is that you meet the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) as a condition of receiving E-rate funding for Internet access and Internet-related services.

What is CIPA?

As mentioned in the last two posts, CIPA stands for the Children’s Internet Protection Act. This is a law that was established in 2000 and helps to protect minors from obscene content and abuse on the Internet, among other things. To receive E-rate funding for Category One Internet access and all Category Two services, you must certify that your institution is in compliance with this law.

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Keep records of everything! Plus, a note on gifts

Post 19 Keep records of everything! Plus a note on gifts

Keep records of everything! We can’t stress this enough. When in doubt, make a record. Imagine 10 years down the line and you or your successor is asked to produce evidence that you conducted a fair and open competitive bidding process for FY2016. You or your successor will want to quickly and easily be able to locate all the documentation you need. Document retention is also a program requirement and is one of the most common compliance failures found during audits of schools and libraries.

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