Certify and Complete FCC Form 471

Post 41 - Certify and complete FCC form 471

Once you confirm that the connectivity information is accurate, do a final review of your FCC Form 471 by generating a PDF, confirming all information is correct, and certifying the form.

Generate a PDF version to review

A pop-up box will appear that says: “The next step is that EPC will create a PDF of your draft form. Once this is completed, EPC will assign you a task with the options to download the PDF and either send for certification or continue to certification. This task may take some time to be assigned to you. Do you wish to proceed?”

Select “Yes.”

Final review of your form

The system will generate a PDF version of your draft form, and add “Download the PDF” to your “Tasks” list. Once the PDF is ready, it is time for a final review before certification.

To review your PDF, click “Tasks” in the blue navigation at the top of your screen.

Tasks list

Your recently completed FCC Form 471 will appear at the top of the list as “Review PDF for FCC Form 471 – #XXXXXXXXX – Nickname.” Click on the form and download the PDF for review.

Open and carefully review the PDF for accuracy. If everything is correct, return to your Internet browser and click “Send for Certification.” If you need to edit your information, click “Edit Form.”

Certify the form yourself

If you are a full-rights account holder or account administrator, you can certify the form yourself.

Start by checking the box next to the statement, “By checking this box, I certify that the information in the PDF document above is correct.” Then, press the green “Continue to Certification” button.

Or, send the form to someone else for certification

If you are a partial-rights user or a consultant, you cannot certify the form yourself. Instead, send the form to a full-rights user by clicking the “Send for Certification” button.

A pop-up message will appear that says, “This function will send your FCC Form 471 to the full-rights users in your organization for certification. Do you wish to proceed?”

Confirm that you are ready by clicking “Yes” to proceed. The person(s) in your organization designated for certifying will receive an email from portal@usac.org with a subject line of “New Task: Review PDF for FCC Form 471,” notifying them to log in and complete the certification. Then, they’ll need to log in to EPC, click on the “Tasks” tab in the upper-left corner of their screen, and select the task called “FCC Form 471 submitted by <user> Is Ready for Certification.”

Tip: Once you send the form for certification in the EPC, reach out to the certifier separately to remind them to complete the certification. It’s critical for them to certify the form before the filing window ends.

If you have questions about who has the authority to certify the form, this short video can help.

By agreeing to the certifications…

By agreeing to the certifications, your organization is agreeing to follow the E-rate Program rules, including retaining all documents for 10 years.

When reviewing this page, read closely to be sure you understand what you are committing to. False statements on the FCC Form 471 may result in legal action.

Known issue for libraries: If the student counts (that automatically populate from the main branch’s school district) are inaccurate, you may certify that they are correct to the best of your knowledge. You will not be penalized if the school counts, and therefore your discount rates, are updated after you certify the form.

Completing the certifications

Once the certifier reads and understands the agreement, they should click the green “Certify” button.

A pop-up will appear that says, “False statements on this form may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution. To electronically sign and certify this form, click “Yes” below. To affirm that you (1) understand the statements above and (2) represent the entity featured, and have the authority to make the certifications, on this form, click “Yes” below.”

Reminder: Consultants can certify the FCC Form 471 on behalf of the applicant if they have an LOA & have been assigned as a full-rights user by the applicant’s account administrator.

Click “Yes” to electronically sign and certify the form. A confirmation screen will appear that says, “You have successfully filed FCC Form 471.”

Congratulations! Your FCC Form 471 is now certified and submitted. You will not receive an email confirmation, but you can view the Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL) by searching your News Feed in EPC. Click the “News” tab on the top left of your screen, then type “RAL” into the search box and press “Enter.”

RAL in news feed

These videos go into further detail about the E-rate Program certifications on the FCC Form 471:

  • Video: FCC Form 471 Certification and Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (10:37 minutes)
  • Webinar recording: How to Understand/Complete the Certifications Section of FCC Form 471 (52:23 minutes)

Join us for the next post in which we’ll begin completing a Category Two funding request.

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