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Post 28 - Cheat sheets for successWhen your 28-day period ends and you’re ready to start FCC Form 471, it could be helpful to have a “Quick Filing Guide” nearby.  There are several different kinds of entities who have to file the FCC Form 471, and we’ve developed guidance for each of these entities to help you navigate the intricacies of the form specific to your entity.

Now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the entire filing process:

Post 28 - 471 video series

View the video series in the Online Learning Library

FCC Form 471 Quick Filing Guides

  • Quick Filing Guide: For Schools
  • Quick Filing Guide: For Libraries
  • Quick Filing Guide: For School Districts
  • Quick Filing Guide: For Library Systems
  • Quick Filing Guide: For Consortia


If you prefer, we also have a step-by-step video series.

Templates and worksheets for larger entities

Larger entities like school districts, library systems, or consortia, can save time by using one of the following bulk submission templates. We suggest prepping these spreadsheets before starting your form.

  • Bulk upload: Entity profile information
  • More bulk upload templates will be available soon in the Filing Window Headquarters

Connectivity Questions Worksheet

Larger users can request assistance with data entry for their related organizations’ connectivity questions. If you have 50 or more entities, complete the connectivity questions worksheet and email it to by Monday, April 4, 2016, and the E-rate Program will enter the data for you.

  • Connectivity Questions Worksheet (larger users only)

The next blog post will be the last “general information” post before we start posting the walkthrough of  FCC Form 471. In it, we’ll cover the codes you’ll encounter while you’re working on your application, like the NCES code, FSCS code, and more.


Editor’s note: If you submitted FCC Form 470 on the same day we wrote about it on the blog (March 3), then at this point you’ll be in the 28-day waiting period. During the 28-day period, we’re covering general information about program rules and topics that are important to know about. We’ll begin posting about FCC Form 471, the funding request form, starting the week of April 4.

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