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Post 40 - Connectivity Questions

After entering your funding request (FRN) and FRN line items, you’ll arrive at the “Connectivity Information” summary portion of the FCC Form 471. Connectivity information populates automatically from your profile. If you did not enter this information in your profile before beginning the FCC Form 471, you will need to exit the form and enter the data in your profile.

Reminder: Connectivity information is not required for consortia, so the connectivity questions will not appear on consortia applications.

Connectivity information

The “Connectivity Questions” screen shows your school/library’s current state of connectivity.

Review this information and ensure that it is accurate. If everything in your summary is correct, press “Review FCC Form 471” to continue.

Tip: A connectivity worksheet is available for large school districts, large library systems, and large consortia, to answer connectivity questions for many schools/libraries at once.

If the connectivity information is incorrect or incomplete, return to your profile to make the updates by following these steps:

  • Exit the form by clicking the USAC logo in the top left of the screen.
  • Select your entity’s name from the landing page.
  • Select “Related Actions” from the left-hand menu.
  • Select “Manage Connectivity Questions” (second choice from the bottom).
  • Enter your download/upload speeds and units. Once you’ve updated this information, it will populate your FCC Form 471.

If you have questions about your connectivity, we recommend contacting your service provider for more information.

Video: Managing Connectivity Questions: Schools (4:57 minutes)
Managing Connectivity Questions: Libraries (4:24 minutes)

Video Preview

To return to the “Connectivity Questions” screen on FCC Form 471, click the USAC logo in the top-left of your screen and locate the FCC Form 471 you were working on in the “Tasks” list. The form will open to the same spot where you left off.

Click “Review FCC Form 471” to continue.

In the next post, we’ll show you how to review, submit, and certify the form.

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