Other details about the “second window”

Post 51 - Other details about the second windowThis is the first time the program has offered a separate, longer window for library and consortium applicants. Here are some frequently asked questions about the “second window” for libraries and consortia:

If I apply in the “second window,” will my funding commitment be later too?

No. Just because you apply later does not mean your application will go later in the queue. Every application submitted “in-window,” whether it was the “first window” or the “second window,” will be considered equally. Funding commitments will not be delayed as long as the library/consortium application is submitted by July 21.

Can we use the “second window” extension to start a new application? Or just to finish a partially-completed one?

Yes, libraries/consortia can start new applications during the “second window.” Because the extension is more than 28 days long, there’s plenty of time to post an FCC Form 470, wait 28 days for competitive bidding, and file an FCC Form 471 by July 21. If you decide to do this, make sure to post the FCC Form 470 by June 23 (29 days before July 21).

Can schools and school districts still apply for funding?

Yes. But, if schools/school districts apply after May 26, their applications will not be considered “in-window.” They will not be considered equally as all other applications (if your request is out-of-window, your confirmation letter will say so). The school/school district’s funding request will only be approved after all the “in-window” requests are complete.

Next up on the blog, we’ll cover how libraries can diagnose whether the discount information is missing, and other problems with their applications.

Again, library and consortium applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their FCC Forms 471 as soon as possible, so USAC has adequate time to research and address any issues you encounter before the “second window” ends on July 21.


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