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Post 32 - Enter Basic Information

Now that you’ve started FCC Form 471, enter your basic and contact information. Most of this information will pre-populate automatically from your school/library profile, so if the information showing up is incorrect, exit the form, go into your school/library profile, and update it there.

As you proceed through each of these first screens of the FCC Form 471, make sure that all the information on your form is complete and correct.

If you already started the form, find it on your landing page in the “tasks” list. If you’re just starting the form, select the “FCC form 471” link from the upper-right corner of your E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) landing page.

Basic information

In this section, you’ll identify the billed entity (the entity that is filling out the form).

Review the information in the “Billed Entity Information” section and confirm that it’s correct. If its not, return to your landing page and click on the organization’s name to access and update its profile. You can find more details about editing a school/library profile in Post #7: Update your organization’s profile. To update an incorrect Billed Entity Number (BEN) or FCC Registration Number, contact E-rate at (888) 203-8100.

Next, choose a nickname for the form. Choose a name that is specific and easy to remember, like “FY2016 internal connections” or “2016 voice and internet access.” There’s no need to include the school/library name; it will display next to the form. The application nickname will help you find the form, if you are creating multiple ones in the system.

EPC application nickname

Choose a nickname that is specific and easy to remember.

Then, press “Save & Continue.”

Contact information

On the next screen, review your contact information.

EPC contact and consultant information

Review your contact information. Consultant information automatically populates from your profile.

If you use a consultant, their contact information should populate automatically. If you don’t see it, return to your school/library’s profile to make sure you linked it to the consulting organization. Link to your consulting organization and select your consultant in the “Manage Organizations” > “Organization Relationships” section of EPC. For details about how to do this, see Post #10 – Adding a Consultant.

The “main contact person” is who the E-rate Program should attempt to contact first with any questions about the funding request. If it is you, select “yes.” If it is someone different, select “no,” and the system will prompt you to search for another person’s EPC account by name or email. There will be an opportunity later on in the form to add a “technical contact” as well, who can answer more technical questions about the products/services you are purchasing.

The holiday/summer contact is the person the E-rate Program should contact during summer vacation, spring/winter break, or any school/library holiday. You can add your mobile phone number here, or a separate person that we can contact outside of school/library hours.

Press “Save and Continue” to move ahead to the next screen.

Select a category of service

Next, select the category of service for this FCC Form 471. Choose between Category One (voice, data transmission and/or Internet access) or Category Two (basic maintenance of internal connections, internal connections, and managed internal broadband services). You may only choose one category per form, not both. Click the “Category 1” or the “Category 2” button to select a category, and click the button again to de-select it.

Once you press “Save & Continue” to proceed with the form, you cannot go back and change the category of service. If you accidentally select the wrong category of service, use the “Discard Form” button to delete the form, and start a new one.

Choose Category 1 or Category 2

Once you click “Save and Continue,” you cannot change the category of service.

Next, we’ll continue through FCC Form 471 by reviewing the entity and discount information. To save your form and continue later, press the “Save & Continue” button in the lower-right corner of your screen, then exit the form.

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