Deadline: FCC Form 470 due April 1 [update: extended]

In order to have enough time (28 days) to conduct competitive bidding and still submit your application before the filing window ends (on April 29 May 26 for schools; July 21 for libraries and consortia), you must submit FCC Form 470 by Friday, April 1, 2016, which is one week from today Thursday, April 28 (for schools and school districts) or Thursday, June 23 (for libraries and consortia).

We recommend submitting it as soon as possible so you can identify problems early, get help if you need it, and aren’t left scrambling on the last day of the filing window.

Have you submitted your FCC Form 470 yet?

These resources are available to assist you:

Update: The filing window is extended until May 26 for schools and school districts, and July 21 for libraries and consortia. Learn more about the extension in USAC’s Latest News update.

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