Finishing up FCC Form 470 [videos]

Post 16 Finishing up FCC Form 470

After completing the Service Request section of your FCC Form 470, you’ll be asked to enter contact information for a technical person at your organization.

Add a technical contact and procurement

The technical contact person on your FCC Form 470 could be someone who is not the main contact for this form, but who would be able to provide additional technical details and answer service provider’s questions about the specific products and services you are seeking bids on.

You are also required to describe any state or local procurement rules that apply to the services you are seeking.

Video: Technical Contact and Procurement

Instruction starts at 0:50

  1. In the “Technical Contact Information” section, press “Yes” to indicate that you have an additional contact.
  2. If the technical contact already has an EPC account, search for them by selecting “Search EPC System.”
    • Enter the contact’s first and last name or email address, and
    • Select their name from the list that appears.
  3. To enter their contact details manually, press the “Enter details manually.”
    • Entering details manually will not automatically create an account or enable future lookups in EPC.
  4. Select “Save and Continue” to move onto the next section of your form.
  5. If there are no state or local procurement rules that apply to the request, press “No.”
  6. If there are state or local procurement rules that apply, press “Yes.”
    • Provide a short statement about the regulations and a link to more information on your state/local website, or
    • Provide a detailed description about the regulations that apply to you.
  7. Save your form or continue to the next section.

Review and certify

Your FCC Form 470 isn’t complete until it’s certified.

Video: Review and Certify

Instruction starts at 0:30

  1. Press the “Review FCC Form 470” button to generate a PDF version of your form.
    • If the PDF does not generate within a minute, press the “Refresh” button.
  2. Select the link to download the PDF version of your form.
  3. Open the form and review:
    • Your entity (school/library) information,
    • The contact information,
    • That your request for proposal (RFP) is included, if applicable,
    • Your Category 1 and Category 2 are complete and correct,
    • Your technical contact’s information is correct, if applicable, and
    • Information about your state and local procurement restrictions is included, if applicable.
  4. If you need to make changes, select the “Back” button on the “Review FCC Form 470” page to return to previous steps in the application.
    • Make the changes you need, advance through the screens, and generate a new PDF for review.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the information on the PDF version of the form, full-rights users can check the box, “By checking this box, I certify that the information in the PDF document above is correct.”
    • To send the form to someone else at your organization for certification, press “Send for Certification.”
    • The form will go into the certifier’s EPC “tasks” list. We recommend that you contact them separately and ask them to complete the certification.
  6. To certify the form yourself, press “Continue to Certification.”
    • Only users with full rights will be able to certify the form.
  7. Certify the form by reviewing the statements carefully, and accept them by checking the boxes and pressing the “Certify” button.
  8. You’ll know the form was successfully certified when you see a checkbox icon, and receipt notification letter appears in your EPC account’s News Feed.

You’ve now successfully completed your FCC Form 470! USAC will issue a Receipt Notification Letter (RNL) to you in EPC to confirm your posting. Service providers can now access your form and begin making bids.

Remember, your form must stay posted for at least 28 days to allow for competitive bidding.

Over the next 28 days, we’ll review program rules and help you prepare for filing the next form, FCC Form 471. We’ll begin with how to develop the evaluation criteria you’ll use to rate the service providers who respond to your FCC Form 470.


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