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Post 35 - FRN Contract Associate a Contract

After completing the Funding Request key information section of FCC Form 471, you’ll arrive at the “FRN Contract” part of the form.

How you proceed will depend on whether your services were purchased with a contract, tariff, or month-to-month plan (meaning a monthly service that is not under a contract). If you are purchasing tariffed or month-to-month services, some of this information will apply to you, but we’ll cover that in detail in the next post.

In this post, we’ll cover how to associate a contract to your funding request.

Associate a contract

If your services will be purchased with a contract, link that contract to your FCC Form 471.

EPC Contract button

If you already uploaded the contract into your profile, search for it using your organization’s pre-populated BEN (billed entity number), and press the “Search” button. You can also search by the Contract’s nickname, ID, or Number.

Tip: If you haven’t added the contract to your profile yet, return to your profile and upload it there. Learn how it Post #30: Evaluate your bids and sign a contract (scroll down to the section, “Upload contracts before you apply”).

Locate your contract’s nickname, and select the checkbox to the right of the contract.

Contract summary

Scroll down to review the “Contract Summary” section and confirm that all information is correct.

Reminder: If any information in the “Contract Summary” is incorrect, return to your profile and add the new contract information there. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit or delete a contract. To update contract information, you will need to create a new record and cite the new contract record on your funding request.

The pricing confidentiality information will also populate from the contract record in your profile.

Contract information (additional)

In the “Contract Information (Additional)” section, add the service start date. In general, services do not begin before July 1 (the first day of the funding year). For services that are continuing from one funding year to the next under a multi-year contract, add a date in in the new funding year (it is considered a new “start date” because it receives a new Funding Request Number (FRN) for the new funding year).

Some Category One components can be installed before July 1 in order to provide recurring services starting July 1. For more detail, please visit the Starting Services page on the E-rate Program website.

Next, add the expiration date for the term of the contract and press “Continue.”

Fiber request key information

If your FRN is for data transmission or Internet access, the next screen asks whether the FRN includes a request for dark fiber request or special (self-provisioned) construction. For most applicants, the answer is “No.”

For the small group of applicants who are requesting funding for fiber or special construction, you can find more information on the FAQs: dark and lit fiber page or contact the E-rate Program Client Service Bureau at (888) 203-8100 and ask for assistance.


In the narrative section, write a brief explanation of the products and services you are requesting. You can also use this section to provide any information about your request that isn’t specified on the form, or that could help the USAC during application review.

In the narrative, you may want to include information like:

  • A general description of the funding request:
    • “Internet access for new library branch”
    • “New data distribution equipment to replace old equipment”
  • Any information that’s not immediately clear from looking at your cost calculation:
    • Where the equipment is located,
    • If you put in an ineligible dollar amount, which services you removed,
    • If you excluded any facilities from the request,
    • If you’re requesting cellular services, specify the breakdown between voice service (which is eligible) and data service (which is not).

After entering your request description, click “Save & Continue.”

In the next post, we’ll show you how to enter purchasing information about tariffed and month-to-month services. Afterward, we’ll show you how to enter Category One line items.

Navigation tip: To edit funding request (FRN) information, select the checkbox next to its FRN number, then press the “Edit FRN” button on the lower-right. If you click on the FRN number, it will prompt you to add line items.

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