Starting your FCC Form 470 [videos]

Post 15 Starting your FCC Form 470

Today we’ll cover how to start your FCC Form 470 to request Category 1 services, which are voice, Internet, and data transmission.

Let’s go!

Basic information

To start your FCC Form 470, log in to EPC and select the Apply Now button to begin. You’ll be walked through confirming your organization’s basic information:

Video: Basic Information

Instruction starts at 1:38

Entering your information correctly and completely is important because it will pre-populate other areas of the form.

To update your information:

  1. Select a nickname for your application. It can be anything you want, but think about what would work for you, and how you’ll be able to recognize this form and distinguish it from any other forms you file.
    • An example is, “Telecom and Internet Access”
    • You don’t need to include the school/library’s name because it will be displayed next to the form’s nickname.
  2. Review your application type and recipients of service.
    • If they need to be updated, return to your organization’s profile and change the information there.
  3. Select the main contact person from your organization.
    • If it is you, select “Yes” and your contact information will appear.
    • If it’s not, select “No” and search for an alternate contact from your organization.
  4. Review contact information for your consultant (if applicable).
    • Remember from the post about adding a consultant, you must link to consultants through your organization’s account.

Tip: Each FCC form 470 has a form number with a common taxonomy. For example, if your form number is #160000227, the “16” means that the form was filed for Funding Year 2016.

Category 1 and 2 service requests

After completing your basic information, describe the services your school/library wishes to buy.

In the past, most applicant only got funding for Category 1 services (voice, Internet, and data transmission). This year, they can get funding for Category 2 services as well (internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and/or basic maintenance of internal connections) because funding increased, and applicants have separate, 5-year budgets for Category 2 services.

Video: Category One Service Requests

Instruction starts at 1:25

  1. Under “Categories of Service,” select the “Category 1” button.
  2. If you want to also include Category 2 services (basic maintenance of internal connections, internal connections, managed internal broadband services), click the “Category 2” button at this time, too.
    • You can add both Category 1 and Category 2 requests on the same form by selecting both buttons.

Video: Category Two Service Requests

Instruction starts at 2:25

  1. If you’re using an RFP, select “Yes” (otherwise, press “No”).
    • Attach the RFP by selecting “Choose File,” then select the file on your computer and it will automatically upload to your form.
    • This is a new requirement in FY2016!
  2. Press “Save and Continue,” then on the next screen, “Add New Service Request.”
  3. Select your service type and function from the menus.
    • Indicate the quantity needed and preferred manufacturers.
  4. Indicate whether you need installation, activation, or initial configuration for this service by selecting “Yes” or “No.”
  5. Review the table of your Category 1 and/or Category 2 service requests.
    • To add another request, select “Add New Service Request” and repeat the process.
    • To change a request, select the checkbox to the left, then the “Edit Service Request” button.
    • To delete a request, select the checkbox to the left, then the “Remove Service Request” button.
  6. Provide additional information about the services you’re seeking in the “Narrative” section. This is also where you can make bidders aware of any disqualification factors.
  7. Choose your “Installment Payment Plan.”
  8. Press “Save and Continue” to move onto the next screen, or “Save and Share” to continue work later.

Tip: To continue working on a form that you saved, find it in the “Tasks” section of your EPC landing page.

For more information, watch the whole FCC Form 470 video series or or check out the FCC Form 470 Filing Guide.

In the next post, we’ll finish up FCC Form 470 by adding a technical contact and completing the certifications.

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