Other details about the “second window”

Post 51 - Other details about the second windowThis is the first time the program has offered a separate, longer window for library and consortium applicants. Here are some frequently asked questions about the “second window” for libraries and consortia:

If I apply in the “second window,” will my funding commitment be later too?

No. Just because you apply later does not mean your application will go later in the queue. Every application submitted “in-window,” whether it was the “first window” or the “second window,” will be considered equally. Funding commitments will not be delayed as long as the library/consortium application is submitted by July 21.

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Calculating E-rate Discounts for Consortia and State-wide Applications

Post 22 Calculating discounts for consortia and state wide applications

A consortium is a group of entities that apply together, usually to aggregate demand in order to lower prices. A statewide application is when a state’s purchasing department (or other state agency) applies on behalf of all schools and libraries in the state.

Calculate a consortium’s discount

To calculate the discount for a consortium or statewide application:

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