Category Two Budgets

Post 23 Category Two 2 Budgets

Now that you understand how to calculate your E-rate Program discount levels, we’ll move on to a topic that always generates a lot of questions – Category Two budgets.

Category Two services include internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and basic maintenance of internal connections. E-rate funding for Category Two services is provided for a five-year period, starting with the first year after FY2014 that you receive funding for any Category Two services.

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Calculating E-rate Discounts for Consortia and State-wide Applications

Post 22 Calculating discounts for consortia and state wide applications

A consortium is a group of entities that apply together, usually to aggregate demand in order to lower prices. A statewide application is when a state’s purchasing department (or other state agency) applies on behalf of all schools and libraries in the state.

Calculate a consortium’s discount

To calculate the discount for a consortium or statewide application:

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Calculating Library E-rate Discounts

Post 21 E-rate discount for library or library system

The E-rate Program discount for libraries is based on the poverty level in the school district it (or its main branch) is located in, and its urban/rural status.

The E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) will calculate the discount as part of your form. But to see it in advance, you need to calculate the discount yourself. Today we’ll cover how to calculate E-rate discounts for libraries and library systems.

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