Troubleshooting for libraries and consortia, Part 2

Post 54 - Troubleshooting libraries consortia 2

In addition to blank National School Lunch Program (NSLP) information from your local school district, libraries’ discount calculations may be incomplete for a different reason.

If you discover a problem with your application, contact USAC as soon as possible so we can provide support and help you resolve the issues.

Some independent libraries are wrongly classified as “library systems”

If you’re applying for E-rate funding as an independent library, there’s a possibility that your organization is incorrectly classified as a “library system.”

Library systems cannot request discounted services on their own; they can only request discounts on behalf of their member branches. However, if your independent library is improperly classified as a library system,it probably has no member branches, so it can’t request E-rate Program funding.

If your independent library is incorrectly classified, you will not be able to successfully file an FCC Form 471. To apply, contact us and an E-rate representative can update the entity type for you.

How to check your library’s organization type

To make sure your independent library is, in fact, classified as an independent library, log in to EPC and — from your landing page — click on the library’s name.

Once you’re in the library’s profile “summary” page, you can view its classification under “applicant type.” If it’s an independent library, it should read “Library,” not “Library System.”

More details are available in Post #8: Managing Organization Relationship, Part 1.

How to fix it

If the parent organization “applicant type” is incorrect, call us at (888) 203-8100.

The Client Service Bureau can correct most applicant type errors; however, if they cannot make the correction, they’ll work with you to create a new (and correct) organization account.

We strongly suggest you verify that the “applicant type” is correct before starting your FCC Form 471.

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